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We’re committed to a lasting partnership with our clients!

Inventory Management

As you organization's needs change, so do your furniture requirements. We can manage, track, and store your inventory as your work environment evolves.


If your current layout isn’t working, we’ll help you solve that! Our design experts are prepared to assist you in reconfiguring your space to exceed your expectations. We’ll review your space plan, compare it with your new requirements, and propose a fluid redesign to achieve your organization’s goals.


As your company grows, we'll grow with you. Whether using existing standards or creative new ones, your expansion project will receive the same attention to detail as your initial build-out.

Warranty Claims

We’re here for the long haul. We extend manufacturer warranties to you and file claims on your behalf, ensuring that your product lives up to its value.

Furniture Maintenance + Repair

Our service goes beyond the warranty. The Sheridan Group team can perform assessments, maintenance, and repairs on your furniture. Whether functional or cosmetic, we can help.

“The commitment and personal attention that the Sheridan Group team gave to the project was extraordinary. The State Bar is very fortunate to have partnered with Sheridan Group and Herman Miller on this important, high-profile project.”
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State Bar of California Steve Mazer | Director of General Services

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