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Dannine Sheridan

Dannine leads Sheridan Group with spirit and enthusiasm, and she’s been doing so since founding the company in 1984. She started her career in the commercial furniture industry shortly after graduating from USC. The rest is history!

Dannine's passion for people is evident to anyone that meets her. She cultivates a team-oriented, family environment, which is echoes through the experience our clients receive. Her leadership style encourages growth and unity. As she puts it, “There’s nothing better than watching your employees grow and advance into their roles.” When she’s not busy being our fearless leader, you’ll catch her cooking dinner for her loved ones or hiking with her Australian Shepherd named Blue.

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Chris Sheridan

Chris’s motivation to maximize Sheridan Group’s growth and success stems from the people that make up our teams. Chris began his career in commercial real estate and later pivoted his focus to commercial furniture, giving him insight into the bigger picture and allowing him to build strategic partnerships.

Chris is known to have a competitive edge and not just in business. He loves sports and led his team to victory in our inaugural office Fantasy Football Championship. He fosters a work environment that balances fun and creates bonds with one another. In the words of Phil Jackson, “Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the 'Me' for the 'We'.”

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Terri Bianco

Terri has involved herself with every aspect of Sheridan Group’s daily operations since the beginning. A master problem solver and an even better manager, Terri's dedication shows through her actions as a team leader. With an open-door policy, Terri isn’t afraid to get into the weeds to lend a helping hand. As she puts it, “It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is; I am here to help.”

Terri takes pride in her team by fostering a culture in which everyone feels safe and appreciated. She values the talent of Sheridan Group and nothing brings her joy like witnessing the creation of something amazing! Terri isn’t often unplugged, but when she is, you’ll find her outdoors hiking or curled up with a good book.

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Josh Nordgren

Josh leads Sheridan Group's design team. Starting his tenure with the company as a design intern 15 years ago, he has grown to be an influential leader on the executive team. With a background in industrial design, Josh views furniture with a unique perspective, dissecting each part and piece like a set of Legos. He loves to solve problems solve and provide unique solutions to satisfy our clients' operational needs.

Josh appreciates the creative freedom Sheridan Group offers; allowing individuals to express their thoughts and propose their ideas. His passion for design overflows into his personal life. He loves to explore new ideas, places, and products. He often travels with his family to Japan, enjoying the countryside and the ramen!

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Rose Bravo

Rose is the master of checks and balances. She’s been an integral leader for Sheridan Group for 35 years. Her background in accounting marries perfectly with her passion to problem solve and achieve balance. Rose has led the company through three system conversions, ensuring a smooth roll out each time. Rose finds peace most when our team works together to complete a common goal.

Rose received her Bachelor of Business Administration and Accountancy degree from the University of the Philippines and her Masters in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University. As if Sheridan Group doesn’t present enough problems for her to solve, in her free time, she enjoys solving jigsaw puzzles.

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Scott Cooper

Scott has been a key player in incorporating all things technology into Sheridan Group since 1985. His extensive experience in managing and integrating computer technology allows him to guide the company to success.

He believes that a successful environment contains a balance of three things: a space to do your job, people you can collaborate with, and technology to empower you. His diverse background includes manufacturing, delivery, records management, computer systems management and development, space planning, and specification. When he’s not fixing tech issues, he delves into books on theology or history and enjoys fishing and sailing.

“When working with Sheridan Group, you get a partner for your project— not just a vendor. Their concern is always what is in the best interest of the client and the project. I haven’t ever felt their own agenda or needs get in the way of what the project needs to be successful.”
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