An open office space designed for collaboration, featuring multiple desks and chairs that facilitate group work and foster a productive team environment.


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When it comes to government projects, we’ve got your back! Our team of government experts specializes in workspace solutions for local, state, and federal agencies. We have decades of experience with government contracts and work to achieve the most competitive pricing available. We follow the latest industry trends and strive to be your trusted resource for furniture and beyond.

Our partners at a glance:

City of Calabasas
City of Camarillo
City of San Luis Obispo
City of Santa Monica
City of Simi Valley
City of Thousand Oaks
City of Westlake
County of San Luis Obispo
LA Metro Division
Southern California Edison
The County of Los Angeles
U.S. Air Force

“The commitment and personal attention that the Sheridan Group team gave to the project was extraordinary. The State Bar is very fortunate to have partnered with Sheridan Group and Herman Miller on this important, high-profile project.”
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State Bar of California Steve Mazer | Director of General Services
“My key metrics are communication and responsiveness and I get both of these from Sheridan Group. Sheridan Group is on the front line dealing with the client, acting on the behalf of the commercial real estate team. If an issue arises during a project or an order is delayed, that is communicated to our team which gives us awareness to answer any questions we might be asked by leadership or the end-user.”

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A lounge space in front of glass walls that reveal a distant view of the Hollywood hills. The lounge space features two chairs that resemble hands.