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Our installation and warehousing services are handled with care!

Project Installation

Whether it’s local with our in-house installation team or out-of-state with a trusted installation partner, we make sure your project is in good hands. We work as together to provide a professional installation by experienced teams.


Our warehouse and delivery crews handle your product carefully and diligently, ensuring that every piece makes it to site safely and on time.

Punch Lists

We’re committed to a successful completion of your project. Our installation and account management teams work hand in hand to quickly resolve any punch items that may arise.

Inspect and Receive Goods

Our receiving team inspects all incoming shipments to make sure they’ve been received completely and in good condition. We file claims for damaged product on your behalf so you can rest easy.


Our warehouse is equipped to provide short and long term storage for your inventory of product. Whether you need it stored for 30 days or 3 years, we can manage it for you.

Happy Crew

When it comes time to settle into your new space, we’ll be there to lend a hand. We’re available and ready to assist your team with fine-tuning their new workspace.

“My key metrics are communication and responsiveness and I get both of these from Sheridan Group. Sheridan Group is on the front lint line dealing with the client, acting on the behalf of CRE. If an issue arises during a project or an order is delayed, that is communicated to our team which gives us awareness to answer any questions we might be asked by leadership or the end-user.”

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